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Archetopia is a software organization that focuses on Information Space Architecture -- systems that facilitate the creation of information-sensitive World Wide Web sites.

Our Technologists create off-the-shelf and custom software solutions that focus on the challenges encountered when creating Web Sites that cater to communities of users. Suppliers. Employees. Customers. Colleagues. Any user base that has common interests or needs.

Our flagship product is the WebTopia Web Server. WebTopia is based on the popular Apache Web Server into which Archetopia's seasoned software developers have integrated the components needed for successful Web Sites:

  • User Profiling (Personalization)
  • Visitor Tracking and Analysis
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for secure communication
  • Form and E-mail Processing
  • Survey management and data analysis
  • Time-sensitive Content Management
  • Calendar-based Page Management
  • User Administration with Permanent Notes
  • Support for any ANSI SQL'92 Compliant Database

Of paramount importance is the ease with which sites can be implemented. WebTopia employs industry-standard HTML and WebTopia's easy-to-master command set. The WebTopia commands are parsed by the server (not the site's visitor's computer) resulting in a predictable environment that does not rely on any browser-based features. A WebMaster's dream. No Java? No problem. (Of course, Java, JavaScript, and so on are all fully supported if you choose to use them.)

The WebTopia Web Server is a mature product that has been serving web sites since 1997. In fact, WebTopia's capabilities are so far-reaching that our sister company, NetWorx Internet Services, Inc., uses WebTopia to manage access by several thousand dial-up users, track sales opportunities, manage their communications infrastructure (a regional backbone, servers, high-speed customer circuits, routers, etc.), and even handle billing and Accounts Receivable.


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