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Creating dynamic, interactive web sites can be a rewarding experience, not only from a financial point of view, but also from an aesthetic point of view. The creation of a web site is akin to the sculpting of a statue or the composition of a symphony.

Are we taking that too far? We don't think so.

But the harsh reality is that most people creating state-of-the-art web sites are operating in the Dark Ages. Many of the "tools" that exist to aid in the creation of web sites have very steep learning curves, don't provide the site creator with the level of control that they really need, provide a kludgy or unnecessarily complex mechanism that can make your head spin, or require so much programming that instead of crafting a web site you're writing interface programs to "glue" the back-end components together.

That's why we created WebTopia.

With WebTopia you spend your time sculpting your web site, composing your site visitor's experience. The learning curve for WebTopia's functions is very short. A basic knowledge of HTML is all that you really need to start; you can be creating web sites in a matter of a few hours.

WebTopia is Archetopia's state-of-the art Web Server. WebTopia is an almost direct drop-in replacement for NCSA 1.3 as well as the enhanced NCSA 1.4 and NCSA 1.5 and, with it's Apache cousins, is in use on more than sixty-eight percent of all of the web servers worldwide (according to the Netcraft Web Survey).

The WebTopia server provides a fully-integrated foundation for VisiTrack (visitor tracking), IDEA (data entry), TIDAL WAVE (searchable dynamic calendars), SMARTs (Survey Management And Reporting Tools), and NAME (acoustic mapping).


  • Fully-integrated support for ArchetopiaWare
  • Easy to install
  • On-line documentation
  • Server-side variable support, math functions, and string functions
  • Variables can be passed forward from page to page
  • Built-in visitor profiling and tracking support
  • Rich server-side programming language including conditional page execution
  • All user profile data available to HTML for on-the-fly content customization
  • Enhanced productivity through include file support
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) available for secure site processing
  • Customizable log file information
  • Each WebTopia server can run many independent Web sites simultaneously
  • Full Common Gateway Interface (CGI) support and debugging environment
  • JAVA, ShockWave, RealAudio, and the like are fully supported
  • Derived from the server used by more than 56% of the Internet
  • Nearly 100%-compatible drop-in replacement for NCSA's Server

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